Music Can Change The World

What We Offer

  • Musicianship skills in solfege, sight-singing, pitch and rhythmic notation, dynamics, and expression
  • Vocal practices for developing the middle and upper vocal registers, including breath support, intonation, diction, blend, and phrasing 
  • Opportunities for collaboration, community building, and shared artistry
  • Quality choral repertoire that spans diverse cultures and perspectives, multilingual texts, various time periods and genres
  • Performance opportunities 
  • Fun and friendships built on kindness and respect


Our Mission

 The Kulshan Youth Choir exists to provide a high quality music education in Whatcom County by engaging young voices in the transformative power of the choral arts. 

Our Vision

 The vision of the Kulshan Youth Choir is to inspire youth toward a lifelong love of music that fosters kindness and compassion. 

Our Values


  • Choral Artistry – KYC values the collective artistry that comes from individuals singing and creating together.  The transformative power of choral singing is experienced through the development of musical skills and exploring quality repertoire.
  • Vocal Excellence – KYC values age-appropriate vocal singing and healthy technique.  This includes learning to sing in the child’s natural head voice with beautiful tone, dynamic flexibility, and expressiveness.  
  • Play – KYC values play.  Singing is fun and choir is a natural extension of learning through vocal play.  Taking musical risks and playing with new sounds leads to personal and collective growth.
  • Community – KYC values the friendships and community that arise from singing together.  Encountering music from diverse cultures, times, and genres, lays the foundation for kindness and compassion in our world.